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Slide fastener pads

Slide fastener pads

Slide fastener design, easy installation and transposition,effectively reduce downtime;

Fiber layer lining, tighter, combine with roller faces difficultmovement;

This product is suitable for the card slot deformation, weardeviation or without screw roller, roller precision design;

Special polyester materials, die-cutting more quickly

Qunqi die cutting rubber pads selection specially designed for resistance to rough die cutting application of

polyester material,Has a strong resistance to cutting surface, in the process of the die cutting not easily get

scratches.In the process of high-speed die-cutting, only the smallest die cutting pressure, to get a clean product,

extend the service life of die cutting tool and die cutting machine.

Double width is twice the standard rubber pads, can reduce the amount of install rubber pads, reduce joint,

improve production efficiency.

Dongguang county group of Qunqi machinery manufacturing co., LTD.

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